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Panettone Pera & Cioccolato (Pear & Chocolate) 1kg

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  • A premium Panettone filled with pear cubes, chocolate chips.
  • Covered with white chocolate icing and cocoa biscuit crumble

In the very heart of Sicily, an Italian region rich in tradition and gastronomic culture, Giuseppe Messina founded in 1987 the ETNADOLCE confectionery for the production of marzipan, almond paste, 'croccanti', candied fruits, soft nougat & handmade Panettoni.

Thanks to genuine raw materials and fresh ingredients, ETNADOLCE soon became the reference point of the main artisanal bakeries as well as the most luxurious and prestigious food boutiques in the nation, devoting to the creation of “unique and quality Confectionery Specialties”. 

Ingredients are selected with extreme care and frequently updated, with no expenses spared. Ingredients must be certified to be exclusively Italian products, dried fruits and Orange Honey from Sicily, fresh eggs from safe local farms, mountain butter and milk, flour, and freshly prepared Italian sugar, in order to create genuine and exclusively Italian products. Basic ingredients are then paired with the aromatic ones, equally selected with great care and creativity. Furthermore, natural ingredients of such rare and selected quality should not be altered during preparation. The art of confectionery consists exactly in creating high quality pastries whilst conserving the ingredients, respecting quality and fragrances which can only be provided by natural ingredients and preserved by artisanal preparation.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.